11 Sept 2007

Crayfish Abuse & Neglect

Dear Blue Lobster:

Is it possible for a fresh water blue lobster to survive in a mini tank without a water pump? A heater? or both together?


Dear Gentle Sir:

Is it possible for you to survive in a broom closet without circulation or heat? Or both? If you have a question about your crayfish's living conditions, reflect upon your own personal needs first.

A blue lobster can survive many challenging environs when it needs to. For the purposes of petkeeping, however, maintaining an optimal environment is important for both your pincered friend and your enjoyment. Without proper heat, light, oxygen, and food your cray will suffer mentally and physically.

The only time it's appropriate for a cray to live in subhuman conditions — such as what you described above — are when breeding, rearing, moving, or aspunishment. Unless your cray has misbehaved in a manner befitting isolation, don't even think of putting it in an uncirculated, unheated "mini" tank.

Just remember to always ask yourself this question: What has my cray done to deserve time in the brig? Otherwise, that's where you might end up after you've been convicted of crayfish abuse or neglect.

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Anonymous said...

Your reply was rather useless. Are all of them? Anyway, it seems as though the asker was confused & perhaps was looking for advice as to what the requirements were, such as temp ranges, optimal tank sizes and/or friendly plant types. Instead of mentioning any of these things in your reply, you decided to make the asker look like an abusive wretch. I don't know whether to say good job or tell you to seek help.

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