30 Dec 2008

Lazarus (Shrimp) in Israel?

Dear Blue Lobster:

I am getting ready to start growing triops with the kids.

Are you aware whether there are fossils of triops in Israel? Where could I go with the kids to see them?

Thank you,

Nathan Wirtschafter
Hashmonaim, Israel

Dear Gentle Sir:

Despite the term "Lazarus" used to describe triops, there are no triops fossils in Israel. One was discovered in Jordan in 1922 by Dr. Abraham Müller of the Freie Universität Berlin in strata some twenty-two million years old, though its species and genus were never verified.

Despite this dearth of triops fossila, a fun experience for your children can still be had due to the short lifecycle of the creatures. Simply order a triops kit from your favorite online retailer and follow the instructions. In the course of several months your children can chart the birth, life, death, and "fossilization" of their own triops.

In whatever container your grow your little friends, include a layer of clay or mud and sand at the bottom. Once the triops die, leave their tank in the sun until the substrate is completely dried. With a toothpick, paintbrush, and magnifying glass, your children can unearth the triops exoskeletons.

Just like a real paleontologist, carefully piece together shell fragments and any other items of interest. Can your children guess from the "fossils" alone what the creatures ate? How they moved? Reproduced? How did they breathe? Of course your children know these things from watching the creatures while alive, but looking back through the "fossil record" here will be a rewarding experience.

And of course, once finished with your dig site, add some water and watch triops hatch anew, just like the real Lazarus!