27 Jan 2009

Growing Prawns in Kuala Lumpur

Dear Blue Lobster:

I accidentally came across your blog while searching for material on crayfish.

I really hope you can take the time to answer my mail, as I am really interested in raring prawn/ crustaceans (particularly crayfish) in Malaysia.

This would be a really novice question, would the American Crayfish be reared in a tropical climate ?

Kuala Lumpur has a hot, tropical climate with heavy rain storms occurring throughout the year, mostly in the early evenings. Day time temperatures can reach around 95°F (35°C).

What would be the best import species to be reared here ?

I have a piece of land, roughly 20 acres with a running stream in it, I am now really thinking hard to rear something in it.

What would your advise be if i wanted something crustaceans ?

Thank you in advance for your time,


22 Jan 2009

Milk: It Does a Body Shell Good?

Dear Blue Lobster:

I'm afraid my electric blue lobster ins't getting enough calcium, what should I feed him?

13 Jan 2009

The Torturous Train of Triops Taxonomy

Dear Blue Lobster:

Can you tell me if any species of tadpole/longtail shrimp live in Taiwan? Thanks!

mj klein

8 Jan 2009

The Case of the Feathered Crayfish

Dear Blue Lobster:

I have a 3 year old Blue Lobster named Ozzy and he just molted and now he has these weird feather-like parasites growing off the side of him. They are an inch long. They were under his shell before he molted. They look like sea-corral and have feathered fans that look like they catch microorganisms.

I was wondering if an anti-bacteria / anti-fungal medication will work eventually. It has done nothing so far.

Do you know how to get rid of them without hurting Ozzy?

I attached a picture

Ontario, Canada