8 Dec 2002

Normal Behavior for Baby Crayfish

Dear Blue Lobster:

What is normal behavior for a baby crayfish? The babies hatched ~1 week ago and now they stopped moving, turned onto their sides and have turned red. Are they alive? Is this normal? What should we do? What do the baby crayfish need to eat?

Dear Gentle Sir:

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that the state of your baby crayfish (called craybies in scientific circles) indicates that they are, sadly, expired. Moved on to that big freshwater tributary in the sky. Dead.

To directly answer your question, however, typical behavior and appearance of craybies is as follows. For the first week after hatching, they will stay on their mother's underside, and eventually grow bold enough to explore on their own, though always returning to their mother. After another week or so, they will be off on their own, independently foraging for detritus on your tank's bottom.

I wish to express my deepest sympathies and regrets to you, gentle sir, and hope that you can grow beyond this holocaust of dead baby crayfish scattered all over your aquarium and one day attempt to live again without the constant gnawing guilt of a thousand weeping souls.

You, and your silenced children, are in my prayers.


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Anonymous said...

i have 1 baby crayfish, all the others did not make it...but anyways, i have 1 duckweed-like plant in his bowl, but wut else should i be feeding him??? i put fishfood in there, but i dont think he eats it. he iz so small i could fit him on my pinkey fingernail, so the water level is only abaout 1 inch, because i heard that the water will rise to the top and kill him otherwise :( is this true??? and how fast do they grow???

Anonymous said...

how long does it take for them to detach from mothers tail and can u see little black eyes when there in eggs or is it larvaie

Anonymous said...

Im caring for a babys crayfish but i took it home like a few hours after it was born ive had it about 10 days so appearntly it doesnt have to stay with its mom

Anonymous said...

i have my baby crawfish and the mom there are 7 babies and 1 mother its been 2 months since i noticed the babies. the mother doesnt attack or pay attention to them. the babies like to hide uder rocks. and they are territorial. so as long as you have enough space for them to have their own little corner. they will will peacefully togheter.

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